Build your own Quad. Part Three – a look at the NAZA V2 with GPS

April 27, 2014

What you get when you buy a DJI Naza V2 for your F450 build. Further details are available on our blog of the build:

So for our DJI F450 Flamewheel ARTF quad drone build we’ve chosen the NAZA V2 GPS as our flight controller – mainly because we’re familiar with it from the Phantom Vision, albeit in a stripped down version.

Again, coming from the RTF Vision where all this is hidden away or baked into the main board there’s a surprising amount of “stuff” that comes in the box, including the combined GPS/compass receiver “puck” so we have a look at what you get.

Now we’re running out of excuses, so it’s getting our hands dirty with soldering up the ESCs to the frame next. Eek!

My “On the Kitchen Table” videos are mainly aimed at newcomers to multirotors, quadcopters, drones and UAVs, particularly to the DJI product range, and the Phantom line in particular. I have how to’s, product reviews, tips, tricks, hints and information for beginners and those in the early stages of the hobby. I film “on the kitchen table” to show people that, like me, you don’t need a workshop and an array of specialist equipment and years of experience to get started and progress with flying these amazing aircraft and enjoying making great aerial videos and stills. So if you have bought, or are thinking of buying, a DJI Phantom, Phantom FC40, Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision or Vision+, or even building your own DJI Flamewheel F450 or F550, we can do it… on the kitchen table!

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