On the Kitchen Table Milestone!

April 23, 2014

What can I say?! My 1000th subscriber had just come on board. I’m incredibly grateful and flattered that so many of have deemed at least some of what I’ve got to say worthy of signing up to see what else comes along. Thank you all very much indeed. I know my videos aren’t the most polished you’ll see on YouTube (but that is sort of the point) and I know that I can waffle on a bit too much now and again, but even you’ve all found even one thing useful or helpful (or even just amusing) then that’s fantastic – and a little bit humbling. I had no idea things would end up here when I decided to put a few bits on video I’d discovered about my then new DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter because I couldn’t find much information out there about the things I was getting stuck on.

As I say in this video, there are some special celebratory videos to come next week (yes, I thought it wouldn’t happen for another few days) – I’ve negotiated some prizes to give away and some exclusive discounts that I hope some of you will find useful – just a small way of me saying “thanks” to all of you, and to those who have been great company on the forums I frequent as “Pull_Up”. So, cheers!

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