How to adjust your DJI Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal for smoother tilt movement

June 30, 2014

Using the stock slider on the back of the “basic” transmitter and stock gimbal settings gives jerky tilt movements with the Zenmuse gimbals – fine for between shots, but not much use for a smooth tilt you want to actually record. Here’s how I’ve adjusted my gimbal settings to get a slower, smoother, less jerky tilt action with a nice damped stop. I also talk about an alternative control mechanism you can buy and fit to your transmitter using a front-mounted rotary dial for a finer control. Link below to one example you can find on eBay, but others are available on different eBay sites worldwide:

Note this DOESN’T work for the new upgrade transmitter with rotary dial on the shoulder. This system is now rate based – the faster you turn the wheel, the faster the camera moves, the slower you turn, the slower it goes. Unlike the original slider it’s now the speed of your movement that matters, so this adjustment won’t work for you.

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