Some more thoughts about the “Phantom 3” / DJI “Triumph”

October 19, 2014

So you’ll have seen from my previous video post that there’s been a leak of some alleged screenshots of a new app that references a “new” aircraft from DJI called “Triumph”. I definitely think those screen shots are design mock-ups and not from a working app, and so I’m wondering if the Triumph name is an in-house code name – but is it code for Phantom 3?

Well, the source of the original leak claims to know some hardware specs – 6S power, 4K in-built video, Light Bridge HD video downlink built in, full ground station control built in… Interestingly they don’t say where they get that information, but neverthless I’m not sure this points to the Triumph being a  “next generation” aircraft, more perhaps a staging post on the way to the next generation. After all there is nothing on the alleged spec sheet that doesn’t already exist in the current range – other than the uprated smart battery – basically it seems to me to be a Vision+ with upgraded camera (I really hope they have put better optics in it), bigger battery and built-in technology that DJI already sell as standalone (Light Bridge and BT Datalink with Ground Station).

If it does turn out to be accurate and DJI are going to launch this as the Phantom 3 then I’m going to be a bit disappointed if it doesn’t come with a new flight controller, or at least new flight controller features (like follow-me, obstacle avoidance,  etc) – otherwise it’s just a Phantom 2 Vision+ with some “Pro” features built in out of the box . Given the fact that the current ground station BT datalink package retails for about $200, and the Light Bridge goes for around $1,300, then this is going to be an expensive beast, and squarely targeted at the “prosumer” market at least. It will interesting to see if the size is going to remain the same to handle the extra hardware and the 6S battery and still come up with 20+ minutes of flight time.

I don’t see any reference to it not being a hexacopter… (just thought I’d throw that in there) as currently the only other ready to fly haxacopter I’m aware of is the Walkera Tali H500

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