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Inspire 1 “Official” Teaser shows aircraft – was there an “unofficial” one?!

November 6, 2014


So the DJI marketing machine is busy again today bigging up the hype for the new “Inspire 1” aircraft. After a selection of clips which were (we are meant to assume) shot using the new machine, we get some close-up glimpses of the aircraft itself. So after a completely unscientific analysis of the footage, what can we deduce?

Well, assuming the opening shots were indeed taken with the aircraft then not a lot, apart from the fact that it looks likely to come with a point of interest (or POI) mode – this means you can pick a focus point and then set the aircraft to automatically circle the object whilst keeping the camera pointed at it. This is a feature currently available on the DJI pro-level flight controllers, the WooKong and A2. So it seems likely that the Inspire 1 won’t be sporting a Naza flight controller like the Phantoms… or will it? And if so does it point the way to an increased feature-set for the Naza that could be carried down to the Phantom 2 or Vision+?

The only thing of substance we get from the video are the carefully chosen close-up glimpses of the aircraft itself. It seems to be covered in a fairing at least, if not a complete shell like the Phantom range, and has radically different flight status and/or visibility indicators on it. We also get a glimpse of what looks to be the built-in camera – and it looks rather familiar to those of us with an original DJI Phantom Vision! I’m not of course suggesting it’s the same camera, but the rounded oval/spheroid shape is reminiscent of the business end of DJI’s very first “Flying Camera”. No visible markings that could give us a hint as to whether or not the optics might come from an industry “name” as opposed to being another in-house affair, but we shall see.


According to the DJI official twitter feed there is more of this to come in the run up to the big reveal on 12th November. Let’s see if DJI’s recent leakiness via their dealer channel continues or if it’s all going to be controlled from here on in.

Let the idle speculation continue!

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