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New firmware for DJI Phantom 5.8GHz Transmitter / Remote Controller released today

November 4, 2014

DJI Have released a firmware update for the Vision+ 5.8GHz “remote controller” or (more properly) transmitter. The new version is This seems to be a specific fix for issues some had with their new version “Upgrade Controller” with the tilt wheel on the shoulder and built-in lipo battery. Some users were reporting incorrect operation, including the power lights not showing and the main power light showing solid red.

This firmware has not been given a changelog (as of writing) but my understanding from DJI is that it should fix any issues that people had following plugging into the RC Assistant prior to today and there being a download notified to a prior version.

RC Assistant available for download from here: http://www.dji.com/product/phantom-2-vision-plus/download

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