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Flytrex releases no solder option for Phantom 2, A2, Naza-M using can-bus with Flytrex Live 3G

January 6, 2015

The Flytrex Live is a real-time flight tracking and logging device that uses cellular networks to transmit your aircraft’s position to the cloud in real time. It uses the aircraft’s own GPS and power supply which means it’s very light compared to other tracking solutions.

As well as the peace of mind of being able to locate the aircraft if it somehow gets away from you , it’s also a way of automatically logging all your flight data (publicly if you choose).

Now Flytrex have brought out a new cable to go with their Flytrex Live 3G flight tracker that means there’s now no soldering at all required to fit it to a Phantom 2, A2 or Naza-M-V2  with can bus.

They are apparently working on one to use the non-standard can bus port on the Vision+ main board as well – I know having to find a place to solder the power leads puts off a lot of Vision+ owners. I’ll let you know when they release that, but in the meantime you can see their full range here:

If you missed it from summer last year you can see the overview and review I did of their original 2G Live, now also available in 3G flavour, here:  And the results of the world’s first public “live” Flytrex Live flight that I made here:

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